Controllers for stepper motors
The stepper controller program offers a cost-effective and straightforward way of implementing electrical movements; in particular, the OMS (Optimised Motion Series) makes moving and positioning easier than ever before and much more cost-effective than conventional electric solutions. Our stepper controllers generally provide “open-loop” and “closed-loop” options, i.e. the option of being operated with an encoder.
Controllers for servo motors
The servo controller range is specially designed for our toothed belt axes and spindle axes as well as for our electric cylinders – perfect in combination with engineering software and enhanced with complete safety solutions in the mechanical and drive systems. Together with our automation platform and other comprehensive motion control solutions, the servo drives provide a virtually unlimited range of solutions for industrial automation tasks, supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration. Thanks to the variety of available field buses such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT®, PROFIBUS, Modbus®, CANopen and DeviceNet®, the servo controllers are ideally suited for communication with virtually all PLCs.